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Google search ad keyword tool to quickly get all the common and B2B, B2C terms you need!

In our B2B Or leads prupose Google Ads keyword selection, we should first consider B2B words with suffixes like product words + manufacturer, factory, supplier. This tool can quickly help us generate commonly used high-value B2B word, so that your inquiries on the road to the beginning of the far ahead of others! Similarly, for B2C Google Ads, we should first try the more obvious words for trading operations, such as shop, order, sale....

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Google Adwords Keywords Common Match Format

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Google Ads Keywords B2B Common Terms

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Google Adwords Keywords B2C Common Terms

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Google AdWords Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a safer Google Ads account for newbies?

Don’t open your own account, personal accounts are easily audited and ads are easily rejected.

How it’s all good when nothing goes wrong.

The key is that you don’t know how to appeal after being blocked, and it’s easy to permanently block your number by following your idea.

If you are a paid student of Uncle Er’s, Uncle Er can push the official Google account manager, or domestic advertising first-class agent to you.

What should I do if my new advertised account is blocked before I apply for it?

The Google Ads review team is unusually strict when it comes to holidays, or peak seasons overseas.

You were just scanned by their review machine and for no reason.

Get a Google Direct team or ad agency to open a new one for you or have them file a complaint for you.

What kind of Google Ads account should I open if I want to invoice?

If you are opening an account with Google’s official direct customer, you should open a Google Ads corporate account and choose RMB for the currency.

RMB business account in order to invoice the official Google Ads 6 % extra will be charged

If you are looking for an agent to open an account, you should ask about invoicing in advance.

Do I have to do Google Ads certificate? What's the use?

The Google backend prompts for authentication, which must be done!

Failure to do so will result in account suspension.

Google can add your authenticated identity to the ads once your authentication is complete.

This increases the ad display area and boosts the conversion rate.

The only way to get a personal Google Ads account is to prepare an ID, front and back, and submit it for review.

Business Google Ads account, to prepare the front and back of the ID card, a copy of the business license, submit the audit can be.

What are the most common problems with Google Ads account blocking?

The theory is that Google Adblock accounts are unpredictable and opaque, but the following issues are most likely to lead to a block:

1. Website products are more sensitive, you see a lot of people inside the Google search to put your products, think you can also vote?

But Google Ads has different criteria for vetting advertisers in each region.

If your product is not a black 5 category, but also sensitive, you can try overseas advertisers.

If you’re an Uncle Ernie cadet, I can push the resources to open an account on you.

2. The website has obvious bugs or has been hacked with a virus, this problem is obvious and does not need too much explanation.

3. Cross-border e-commerce sites with online payment functions, involving online payment sites, Google’s audit will be more stringent, sealing is normal.

Even after running normally for a while, it’s not uncommon to be reviewed and blocked again.

4. Suspicious disbursements/payments, for the same reason that the audit team in the country is different.

Even if we open a normal account and tie up the card, it will be mistakenly recognized by the system as a higher risk.

At this point just approach your official customer service manager or agent to assist you with your complaint.

5. The website is too simple, if your website is too simple, not even a few pages, text pictures are not much, the chance of being blocked is also big.

There are also students, too eager, even on the site to fill the false text did not change directly on the ads, not to be blocked only strange.

Websites with little content, it is best to add the real address of the business and photos (e.g. plant, staff), and then make a separate privacy page to hang in the footer.

Can I apply for more than one Google Ads account for one Gmail?

Theoretically possible, but not recommended.

There is an associated risk if you are blocked.

Can I advertise to multiple websites with one ad account?

Theoretically possible, but not recommended.

  1. It can easily lead to data confusion and make management more difficult.
  2. There is an associated risk if you are blocked.
  3. It’s okay to take the old Google Ads account and pitch the new site if the previous site is no longer in operation.
Google Ads refund question?

If your ad account is permanently blocked or you don’t want to vote anymore and want to return the money in your ad account.

In both cases it is possible to request a refund, provided of course that you have money within your ad account.

If your ad account is tied to a post-paid account such as a credit card, there is no refund issue.

Not having a B2b word is  normal, but not having a B2b word doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get inquiries.

There are also several other types of words you can use in some of the cooler industries that Uncle2 mentioned in my Google Ads Masterclass.

You should know that other B2B platforms are also buying traffic from Google and then transferring it to platform sellers.

So what you should be worried about is not whether your product is suitable for Google Ads as a channel, but whether your placement techniques will get results.

Two pluses, before and after. Beforehand search for your keywords with Google within an untracked browser and then research Google search results. After placement view your competitors in the Google Ads backend. If you can see your competitors in both steps, then you can be sure that your placement is correct.

Look at it in two ways:

  1. If the query in Google Keyword Planner is getting traffic, but you’re not getting it. You can try to increase the keyword bid and expand the placement area a bit.
  2. If the search volume queried in Keyword Planner is already low, then you will have to try to change the keywords.

Start by checking Search Campaigns.

  1. Click on the Keywords tab.
  2. Click on “Search Ad Keywords”.
  3. Click the column at the top right of the keyword list.
  4. Google Adwords Keyword Quality Score

    Google Adwords Keyword Quality Score

  5. Click Modify Columns again.
  6. Keyword Column Attributes list scroll down to Quality Score, tap on the Quality Score tab and check the Keyword Quality Score option. Click Apply to save.
    Enable and view Google Adwords Keyword Quality Score
    Open and view Google Adwords Keyword Quality Score

This question is also one of the most asked questions by newbies, who are just getting started with Google Ads.

To answer this question, we first need to understand the three main elements of keyword quality score and the feedback behind it.

The expected low click-through rate may be a reaction to the problem:

  1. Your ad copy is poorly written, and you may have great English or even be an English major. But your ad copy is too official or not specific. Your English is so poor that you can only understand the ad copy you write. At this time you need to optimize your ad copy as much as possible with the Ad Copy Selling Points Generator that Uncle Er has developed for you.
  2. Your ad copy has a low match with the keywords you put in it, for example, you put in men shoes but the ad copy is shoes for girls. For example, the keyword you put is men shoes, but the ad copy is shoes for girls. the keyword and ad copy of the match is low, the natural click rate can not go up.
  3. Your keyword bid is too low, for example, the average keyword bid 2 dollars, you bid 80 cents, then your ranking is naturally very back, so it leads to a display of very few clicks, or even no clicks.
  4. Your keywords are shared by multiple industries, for example water bottle factory search results will have a large number of canned water production lines and factories that actually produce water glasses. Some keywords have even more industries behind them. At this time you can avoid as much as possible the search users from other industries to see your ads by a lot of negative keywords.
  5. Your keywords have too wide an audience. This is most common especially in product terms and attribute/long tail terms. Similar to point 4, add more negative keywords.

A low landing page experience may respond to the problem:

  1. Your website user experience is really low. For example, your website opening speed is very slow, open a page to 1-2 minutes or even longer, that landing page experience is not low is strange! This time you have to do the loading speed of the site first, and then go to the ads!
  2. Your website design is very garbage, such as a treasure casually change a template set up, along the design of 10 years ago. Users come in after a very confused, and even frowned, this time you have to optimize the design of the site first.
  3. Not being mobile optimized is similar to the second point. Maybe your website architecture did not keep up with the trend, but mobile first inadvertently has been shouting for almost 10 years, and now it has become a common sense! Your website if you do not do mobile adaptive optimization, go to advertise, might as well take this advertising budget to ask uncle two to eat a barbecue or do a big health care or something, finished uncle two also praise you are a good person!
  4. The website is deployed with https security lock, but when you open the web browser, it will indicate that it is not secure. This is mostly due to the fact that there is material within your site that starts with a http request. You need to find the material that starts with http and re-upload or replace it.
  5. Your landing page and the relevance of the keyword, match is not high enough, or your keyword is too broad. For example, your landing page explains women shoes throughout, but your keyword is shoes. this time you need to make sure that your keyword and landing page is always about one thing as far as possible.

Low ad relevance and possible feedback:

  1. This element is actually the easiest to optimize. In short, it’s about making sure that your keywords, ads, and landing pages are tightly integrated.
  2. If possible, do not exceed 20 keywords in one ad group, because with too many keywords you can’t easily optimize and accumulate data later. Also you can’t be sure that so many keywords will be highly relevant to your ad copy and landing pages.
  3. As far as possible, do not put ads on the home page or classified page, because the amount of information on these pages is huge and scattered, even if there is information that users need within the page, it will take a lot of time to find. But the vast majority of users come to an unfamiliar site is not patient to spend a lot of time to find information. Because at the same time, he may have opened several search results, and you are just one of them. That’s why you need to make separate landing pages for your ads, so that the user can find the information he needs in the fastest time possible.

It can be added, small amounts don’t affect the big picture. All can be measured in phrases up front, run out and then set up a separate ad series.

Many students who are new to Google Ads ask these questions.

1. Broad matching theoretically encompasses phrase matching, and exact matching.

So is it possible to just vote for broad match and leave the other forms of match alone?

2. “phone case” will theoretically trigger “phone case factory”.

So if I just vote for “phone case” will I be able to cover the users searching for “phone case factory”?

3. “phone case factory” and “phone case supplier” are more or less the same, do I just need to vote for one?

Theoretically these can happen in a completely idealized state or in a less competitive situation.

But the reality of the bidding environment is not an ideal world, each word has its own “price”.

Google Ads’ algorithm prioritizes meeting advertisers who match bids for exact match/phrase match keywords.

Only show advertisers with similar search intent to the user when there is no better option…

So if these keywords are important enough for you, then you should try them all for better advertising results.

There are no absolutes, it depends on the search volume of the ad backend itself, and the complexity of the bidding market.

In general, exact/absolute matching, phrase matching, and broad matching all have their own place and suitable scenarios.

It does not follow that either form of matching is the best or the worst.

So no one can tell you which form of matching is best for you, only you can tell by testing it yourself.

1. Need to look at your bidding environment for these words
2. Look at your budget
Due to the conversion rate of different keywords is difficult to predict, so novice friends recommended by the most conservative 1% to estimate, usually see, the normal bidding environment, an ad group 3-5 keywords is more reasonable, do not exceed 20, otherwise the ad group management is very troublesome!

1. Whether or not to adjust the price, to see if you can specifically get the click, do not care about the prompt.

2. As mentioned in the course, Google ads backend will appear similar tips in many places, all do not need to pay too much attention.

Adjustments are based on feedback from advertising data!!!!

1. Your account has not been consumed yet so there will be no data.
2. You search for words that appear in the bidding market for a shorter period of time, Google has not accumulated enough data, then you can use the keyword bid simulator measured by the average bid of the ad group to these keywords.

Uncle Two wants to see it too, but he can’t, Google won’t give it to him.

This usually happens because you’re using broad match, or have alliances turned on, so don’t worry about it if there’s a normal conversion.

For many new friends will have such an idea, if I know the competitor’s keywords and ads and landing pages.

Wouldn’t it be better to help me pitch my ads?

If that’s what you think congratulations, that’s what the third party data research companies want you to think.

For example, semrush would want you to think that, and so would spyfu!

But everyone misses the core question, how do you know that the keywords, ads, and landing page strategy you are about to copy will get you good marketing results?

Just because someone else has placed it, you just copy it and get the results? What do you need an optimizer for? Why don’t we all just copy the tool?

The second core problem is that third-party data analytics tools get data that is delayed.

Maybe you’re copying keywords and copy that someone else has given up on ……

So you might as well seriously study Uncle Er’s Google Ads course, deeply understand the behavioral model, the underlying logic of the three elements of conversion, and thoroughly implemented in your advertising.

When you have these abilities, you can distinguish what kind of advertising copy is good copy, what kind of landing page design is good design, this time you just search in Google’s search engine to find competitors you can learn from.

Trust 2uncle, Trust youself, dive in and land Uncle 2’s Google Ads course and you’ll be able to despise over 90% of your competitors! Cheers!

Advertising effect is dynamic, that’s why we have to keep debugging, if the ads are set in stone effect, then the optimizer is too good to live. Measure the level of an optimizer is to see if he can face the ever-changing bidding market, flexible response, see the move!

  1. You can also check out the Google Ads backend optimization guide that Uncle Er has prepared for you to find dimensions that can be optimized.
  2. Take a look at the site recording screen, is the site buggy?
  3. Half a month of continuous optimization and debugging has not improved, decisive development of a new advertising plan.

The bidding market is dynamic, but there are two possible problems that cause the budget to run out, one is that the market search volume becomes less, the search base becomes less, and the traffic you can get is naturally less!

The second possibility is that there are other strong competitors coming in and eating into your original search traffic. This is when you can look at the bidding analysis of your keywords to see if the traffic is being taken by a competitor.

So what are the proven programs?

  1. Increase keyword bids
  2. Relaxed keyword matching
  3. Mining for new keywords (which is a departure from the second point)
  4. Use max conversion to check the quotes with the crudest bidding method, if you still can’t run your budget out using that bidding mode, it proves that your keyword/industry is cold enough. You can try the second and third points more often.
  1. First check your campaign.
  2. Open data insights and reports.
  3. Tap again on when and where the ad is displayed.
  4. You’ll be able to see information such as the ad’s display time and geographic location.
    Time and geographic location of Google Ads display
    Time and geographic location of Google Ads display

When I create a new Google search campaign, I can’t choose the bidding method, only the default bidding method “Most Conversions”?

Don’t panic, just follow the steps on the page and go straight on.

Once the ad is published, just re-select the bidding method again.

Not really, Google advertisements you can get for $50 a day, $100 a day, $300 a day.

It’s perfectly fine to go for budget planning based on your reality.

At all times you must remember that

Free is the most expensive!

Free traffic channels require you to do a lot of quality content because every channel is now white-hot and the platforms are flooded with a lot of content.

To make this content, you either have to do it yourself or spend more money.

At the same time, the traffic of free channels is unstable, the starting time is very long, like Google SEO and other channels are more to accumulate six months or more, or even no results.

Google Tag Manager latest update GA4 configured as “Google Code”.

All you have to do is create a new “Google Code” in GTM and copy the measurement ID of the GA4 data stream into it.

This situation is usually the result of two circumstances:

  1. You placed the globe and did not block the specified countries and regions.
  2. You specified region and country, but the geographic option was selected as, “People within and interested in the target area.”

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